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Veteran Employment

Honoring our military, veterans and their families.

Veteran Employment Opportunities

Winterhaven Hospice recognizes the unique skills gained by those who served in the military and we want to support veteran employment in any way we can. We are dedicated to providing employment opportunities and support for military personnel and their families during and after their service.

“Not only are veteran employees working together daily as a team, they show such respect in every minor detail. They are dedicated employees who want to help people live their best life. The discipline of veterans is so evident as they are always on time and run a tight ship when it comes to ensuring their jobs are completed timely and well.”

-Rebecca, Manager

“We honor veterans, is not just a slogan. To honor our veterans, we must take action and one of those actions would be to hire a veteran. As a Navy veteran myself, I took an oath which is still a part of me all these years later, and for many veterans, it is the same. What does a veteran bring to the table? Selfless service, the idea of putting others before themselves. Teamwork, veterans know the importance of teamwork, like the belief “no man left behind.” Honesty, most veterans have lived by a code of ethics and moral principles, building trust through honesty. Loyalty, veterans develop this trait in trusting their chain of command with this feeling of allegiance to a common goal. Leadership, veterans learn various forms of leadership with each role throughout their military service.”

-Keith, Director, Navy veteran

“As a US Army veteran who has been in the medical profession for most of my life, including in the military, I can say with conviction that hiring and recruiting military veterans into the healthcare field is a huge opportunity for veterans as well as for the company. Veterans are trained to be detail-oriented, goal-oriented, and to focus on a task until it is completed properly. Most veterans have a strong work ethic. Many of them went into the military because they wanted to make a difference in the world and help others, this mentality crosses over into the healthcare field quite well. Everyone benefits when veterans are targeted for employment. The veteran gets a good job and the company will more than likely get a great employee!”

-Adam, Supervisor, Army veteran

Veterans Affinity Group

Our VETS Affinity Group is an employee resource group open to all employees which fosters inclusion and support for its members. This is a platform that allows employees to network, volunteer for community service activities, and develop professionally in their career. The group also focuses on providing resources, and most importantly, recognizing the veteran and military family members we have on our team.

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